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Thursday, November 19, 2009

heh! LOL i finally posting again after damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn looong lah haha. nothing else to do so come to post. TIRED after many days of badminton. today won another 2 matches at the berita harian, went into the quarter finals. to 8 . draw damn lucky lah! but dont know if tmr will win anot haha. tmr aloy honkei honjie they al flyyyying to sarawak le, zhu ni men yi lu shun feng! LOL. no one will jio me out for mahjonggg. :D hao shi! spend damn lot of money this few days! going POK liao! hahaaaaaaaa. this year sucks man, no badminton chalet no camp nothing! i dont feel like doing ispl at all~~~~~~~~ now its 12:07, want go sleep leee, need wake up at 7 plus tmr to go tampanese!!!!!! haiis. bye bye~! i need find a new blogskin.

yuhui at 12:03 AM

Saturday, July 4, 2009

LOL! i'm here again!
what should i post?..(i-d-k)

qingqing, faster thank us for walking to your bustop with you!

bye, (s)

yuhui at 11:54 PM

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Anw, I want go supper with 小豬, 小鬼 and 蔡依林!!!

yuhui at 7:31 PM

Sunday, May 17, 2009

我是个大好人, cos I help this person to update!
ANW, this person went to climb tree, and he fell down!!
LOL~!! And got a cut around his ankle! :-P DUMB!
-bye- (s)

yuhui at 7:16 PM

Thursday, May 14, 2009

haha idk why i suddenly undeleted this blog... stupid sihan la lol ! lazy to update last time.. no pics to add cuz my phone got prob de !! =p SA just over !!! i dint felt like studying for it anway hahaha !! today finally had training ! quite rusty liao haha.. now my legs and back aching all over :( very very tired .. curently finding a new blog skin and song haha.. somehow started to play maple agn.. if any of you that noes me plays maple (aquila ) add me !! x33ditz haha =p qute addicted to mahjong lol !! today lost $7 haha.. very tired leh !!!!!@!@!@!@!@!@!@~@!~~@~!@~~!@~!@!~@~@!~@~!@!~@!~@~!@!~@~!@!~@~!@!~@~!@!~!@~!@
~!@!~@!~@!@!~@!~@@@!~@!~~~!@@!~@!~@!~@!~@!~@! I WANT SLEEP !!

yuhui at 8:26 PM

Sunday, February 15, 2009

haha.. nothing much to post... anyway that could have been the nicest and saddest thing ever... i might not update this blog often.. im busy..

yuhui at 6:10 PM

Sunday, February 1, 2009

hahaha !! my blog de skin is sososososoooo cute right ! ;p haha.. changed the song too.. this song is zionn intoduce de haha.. during the badminton chalet ! haha so high luh they all. this song make ppl high de ! hhaaaaaaaaaaa , must love it ! :) shocked to see mr chun at gombak hall today (?) haha.. with another teacher. dunno who she is , LOL.. very very very tired sia ! haiiz.. today was super fun , HAHA.. first went to west mall to meet marcus and calvin. ate kfc, crappped alot too haha. then went to lan at beaty world there to meet vincent.. then after playing went to eat mac. with aloy and qihao. after eat le go aaron house. many many ppl there, haha.. had like aaron, calvin, vincent, marcus nabil suhaimi qihao me matthew(shang en) and dexter, haha ! went to play bball . then they went to eat and gamble. won around 10 dollar from qihao then zao to training le ! haha.. met nathan , and saw his nano pink de racket with him.. last time wanted to buy de but in the end bought another one.. haha so maybe my next racket might be nano pink , lols !on friday just bought a zinc bag, haha.. wasted my $50 bucks :p late le. yao shui le ! nights all ~

tag replies:
nabil:the blogskin so nice lor ! hahahah ! the animal like so cute lor with the present , lols !
samantha: eh !! haha , that one not hamster meh ! :p haha..so cute right !!! i was like yi jian zhong qing with that blogskin la ! lol..

yuhui at 12:25 AM

Friday, January 30, 2009

ripped from 3e4's blog ! hahahahahahahaahaaaaaaaaaaa

hao jiu mei update le ! haha . i tink can update more often le bah since so bored at home, haha.. sian lost to juying sec leh !! :( then today won 5-0 against new town.. haha. chinese new year was quite fun , won money de :p tmr aaron have bbq ! at 5.. haha super heng leh ! dun need go flag day.. haha. realiesed that 3e4'09 is super super super fun !! my class chemistry test was lik - 6 ppl with zeroes, only 10 passed, and the rest failed :(

my test marks:
e maths : 21/30 (haha 70% ! oO )
chemistry: 6/25 (totally flunked ! :[ )
physics: 14/25 ( finally passed a physics test!! but still need go for consultation ! )
add maths : not given back yet, but was quite hard uh ! :(
geog: not given back also.. but if i ever past this test, i xie tian xie di liaos , haha

these tests sucked ..

yuhui at 9:32 PM

Sunday, January 18, 2009

idk wad to post ! so heres the update you all want : U P D A T E :D
hahahahaha ...

yuhui at 10:21 AM

Monday, December 22, 2008

haha ! delcynia is spamming my tagboard AGN now that she's back !!! ai ya sian alr..today lost to christ church 2-3 jia you bah ppl. could have won de. hahas.I HAVE NOT FOUND AND STARTED ON MY HOMEWORK YET. die liao la lol ! damn freaking sian !! tmr up against northbrooks(?) sec.. have to meet at 815 at west mall in the morning.. so sian must wake up so early agn ! if not could have been pig and sleep longeerrrrrrrr zzzz ! hahas. its damn boring at home one lor. lol. lol. im not lying !! :X sch's gonna be open soon ! i wouldnt wanna wear long pants.. WILL look like a clown. haha.AND i was so 'guai' today.. something miracle.. i bought my bro and sis a christmas present each LOL.. idk why i did that anyway ! hahas !
and i tink i got cheated ! ^.^ ! i alter my pants at like $13 per pair !!!?!?!!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!? hmph !

cant understand why this com cant upload picture !

yuhui at 11:54 PM

Friday, December 19, 2008

lol 51st post only........... idk wad to post.. oO so many frendly matches sia these few weeks..last week was up against kranji and another school..i forgot wad le..i dint go, was in china..lol. then this week was against river vally and fairfield .. fun.. and next week gonna be against chirst church and northbrooks! hahaha.. but sad, gotta wake up early agn lor... ! watched twilight alr .. quite nice.. should try watching ! this was wad we(dehao jianting kelway and me) told to hon kei before he left for korea ' mei li wu bu ren peng you !' hahas.. jk only luhs..so long i vr upload pics into my b blog le bah? haha..shall do that now ! but is pics of my trip to china one, so most likely bout my family luh.. lol. so rare ! oOOOOOOOO

yuhui at 2:31 PM

Friday, December 12, 2008

lol idk wad to post .. so many things happened luh. first is the stupid psp la lol..at first $338 then in the end the usa set thingy cost extra $130 TT ... and psp games take soooooo long to dl one... zz!! i hate the hainan food man . seriously sucks. standard for all meals : rice soup vegetables prawn dongfen chicken.. super stupid la.. if anyone wants to go eat chinese food with me ever agn i might freak that person out!!! imagine eating the same thing for like 7 days..omg..one of the meals at the temple was like vegetarian one. and is nicer then the normal meals LOL. visited many nice places luh, like the beautiful sea:fu lu dong hai , shou bi nan shan' or something liddat..lol idk wad to post le la !! very tired alr.. i soooo misssss myyyy beeeddd!!!

yuhui at 10:42 PM

Thursday, November 27, 2008

stupid la ! delcynia and samantha spamming my damn tagboard .. zz!!! stupid sia monday like had to wake up so early just to go get the BBQ stuffs ! LOL .. then like went for cheers... i have a lot to update about LOL .. but im kinda LAZY ! then today went to watch madagascar movie 2 lol... quite funny.. then like wasted alot of money on arcade haha...idk wad else to write.. oh the badminton chalet was like quit fun / lame ! LOl .. we had much fun with the seniors lah .. played so much cards.. and high-ed together ! haha .. im getting blurer :X

tags reply -- (sorry cant reply all, some gone alr !)

replying tmr sry !

yuhui at 10:37 PM

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

lol ! i finally updating ! so the name DELCYNIA wont appear so many times on my cbox !! hehe. heres my crazy schdeule !!!

today(4th nov) : my bro birthday, LOL!
tmr(5th nov) : friendly match with Nan Hua high..haha hao wen wil be playing TT
11th nov : class outing to sentosa xD
17th to 23rd nov : pilot pen ashaway competition..(badminton)
19th to 29th nov : cheers singles ! lol . so many competition
24th to 26th nov : badminton chalet ! lol ! clash agn !
26th nov : friendly match with Hai Xing High ! (right after chalet) TT
5th dec to 12th dec :going china ! with family
26th to 29th dec : going malaysia !

super lots of badminton training in between ! i can swear xD hehe. the more badminton, the more fun xDD

oh and one mroe sad thing , i got hacked in maple !! eeeeeeeeeee !! stupid guy luh ! lol . all my money and items gone , totally dumb !!!!! haha ! sian super lots of tags to reply sia ! super lazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no pics taken haha...

nabil:LOL i dont bully noob ! im a noob too k.. haha jy bah .
jodenia:haha thx for tag ! nah , its called tian shen jiu you okay . no need act de ! LOL !!
sherlyn: HAHA YOYO !! xD xD xD idk how many u 'xD' u put sia
mabel:yo ! eh, im not tat tall ! lol !! haha u take care too :)
delcynia(agn):ouh just updated, haha. ur name appeared agn ..!!
sherlyn:YO SHERLYN ! lol i lazy type ur full name alr ! not fair ! so long !! haha jia you too :) take care ! lol !
nabil:LOL dun need say man, seriously ! u have explained alot during training liaoz manxzxzzzz !
nabil:hehe, not far at all ! haha
junyi:LOL , wait till u sec 2, i tink your pictures with crystal sure alot sia ! cherish her manxzxzxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! =p
nabil:lol ! cannot tahan , also must persevere :)
jodenia:LOL ! HAHA . alr say no need act de ! :)
melissa:haha , hear the national anthem will tink of singapore mah, nOT SCH LOL !!
delcynia(agn)yes lah ! i also rmb clearly ! i tink i around ur shoulder only lor ! LAST YEAR .. lol . sian u scold me fish then idk wad to scold you ! haha =p HOHOHOHOOOOOOOOOOOO
delcynia(agn):HEH ! old tall dino sounds damn stupid lah ! haha xD
shihui:HA ! eh , chonghuihui, damn slack leh u , nvr go training :) haha . delete also no use de ! i lazy post on my blog also ! haha
aaron:lol i lazy change ! but i tink i going soon ! i hope xD
junyi:LAZY DO ! haha ask crystal do for you ! sure 100% xDDDDD
delcynia(agn): haah just updated !relax
sherlyn:why u all keep asking others to update de ! hah !
nabil:YEAH ! i sure do ! xD but cant lend , must rent ! jk ! unless u snatch it from me :)
mabel:happy late halloweeeeen :) haha i super lotz of excuse de, u cant win me one :)
decynia(agn):hehe u also no BLOG ! go make one lah !! haha i tink sure a lot of post everyday de siah ! haha xD i too much badminton le lah not gaming ! idk wad to change to luh ! got suggestions? haha
nicole:hehe, yuhui says wait ! =p
qingqing:lol u very lame sia ! u ask me questions on my blog i also wont immediate ans ! sms i sure ans ! unless i lazy ! haha ! noob :)
nabil:lol yeah they cheated for a while... luckily i went to singtel and asked the sales girl... for something :)))))) xDDDDDD jkjk !
samantha:eh relax la.. haha yea lor.. fish jiu shi fish !
delcynia(agn):heh i just updated le means i not evil luh? wakakakakak !i just updated ! i cant believe u said im hardworking xDDD

yuhui at 11:53 PM

Saturday, October 25, 2008

haiiz. last day of school for 2e3'08 le! nearly cried :(! went back to the 2e3 classroom with nabil. took pics but was like super sad lah! the memories of 2e3 together having fun kept flashing back can! wth..! haha, at least still have the sentosa class outing! hop everyone go bah! last time for us to enjoy ourselves as a united class called 2e3 le~~ SUPER SAD~

tag replies!(finally)
delcynia:yea lah! keep asking me update ! lol. my cbox full of ur name liao lahs! haha. lol, if u really become old dinosaur then too bad ! =p just updated!! relax!heh! i not thickskin lor ! hah, is u short xD
honghui:haha, if not then still have wad songs to put!! the song must bring back lots of memory de!
qingqing:lol ! ur fault that we lose lei! no lah, jk. omg cant believe i nxt year gonna be same class as u!!
nicole:lol! omg u sound so big !!haa! if u take away my lazy bones, then i will have no more bones left le !!eh! wad ahem? LOL.
aaron:haa ! cuz u noob! this song quite nice mah ! uh, got time then go train ur maple lah! whole day rakion!
nabil: yo noob! jkjk! haha , u super suay lah! go inside the cubicle with *ahem* !heh, finally updated!
shihui: haa, yo ! ouh, nobody ask u to open my bag, HAHA! eh, go training lah! slacker =p
jodenia:haha,thx for tagging! ouh, i finally updated :)heh, i no need act cute de lah! lol!
janet:HAH , i gotta say WELCOME :) and also SORRY :( haha. that day u super emo can !
sherlyn:hello S H E R L Y N L O N G X I N P I N G ! wow , ur name super long sia! not fair. i nid type so long ! haha. hey, ! jia you and take cares too k . =D
emeline:haha, dun really believe lah! omg, i cant believed i blocked her on msn too, lol ! =p
crystal:ouh, the one with sherman de, super long le bah?! haha, jia you for secondary life !!

will be posting something big soon! maebe tmr, super late le! nights all~ sleep well :)

yuhui at 12:58 AM

Sunday, October 12, 2008

haha, i very lazy update larhs!!yet so many ppl asking me to update, haha..nothing to do, and nothing to post ! just went to far east ytd, bought a shoes and shirt...lately more trainings..haha!!

tag replies)
limhui:oh, haha! hihi!train harder for badminton ;D
qingqing:haha, in the end u nvr go far east with us lor !Zzz!
nabil:haha, maya most noob =p !!jk..she'll kill me for this man!
maya:haha, but seriously, compared to other players in sinagpore, i suck ;D
delcynia:haha, posting takes up time, no matter short or long lor, haha!too bad, ;D haha, relax, updating now liao!
janet:haha, gone liao!!!u nvr go!!! ;D
shihui:haha, remember cannot hor! ;D dun wan tell you lah! haha, and thanks for the tag :D
honghui:how u noe my blog?!!haha, i not so lame like you look at girls de lah!!ouh, lazy :D
dehao:haha, noob!!! haha, u eat at my house for 3 days straight luh!!
junyi:haha, thx for tag!! go training lah!
nicole:haha, you make yourself sound so big!!!!!haha, thx for tag :D haha, i lazy to relink ppl leiz!!
samantha:haha! you ren fa pi qi le!! ;D i lazy relink !
vincent:haha, i lazy update mah!i active before EOYs, then quite dead after exams, weird!!

yuhui at 4:55 PM

Monday, October 6, 2008

haha! todae 2e3's gathering super fun luh! super super fun ! haha..went to east coast park as usual loh.but this time its more fun since honkei and kelway joined us, haha...super lot of ppl went lor..although fun but still quite unlucky for some ppl !quite many injuries luh..!!haha, dunno wad to write lehs..still deciding if should go far east with kuncai and the rest or go training, cuz i like went out almost every day loh!haha..hm, i tink i shall end here =D

tag replies!!.
nabil:haha u really lucky lah you, nvr kena birthday bash, haha..yea, okay mah?kena beaten by that fucked up dog..
sherlyn:haha, yo! =D erm, updating alr lah, bu yao yi zhi chui wo!!
samantha:haha, of cuz so familiar lah!hear it for so long liao lor..haha.exams over le, means mire boredom, haha!
qingshu:haha, too bad =D
janet:wa lao eh!hao loh!kena suan by you agn =D haha, not nice.. xD
qingqing:haha, okay. i see..go far east lei, pon training =D
emeline:haha, too bad.. jia you bah =D maebe cuz ur sch lousy !! jkjk..
delcynia:haha, spam watching my animes lei, haha lesser time to post more, haha!..too bad =D
crystal:LOL..not really,,haha..that show super horny luh k..!!i nvr want to watch it agn =D
maya:haha, i nvr say i dint like basketball mah..eee, i so lousy at badminton lor!! haha..
calvin:haha, too bad, who ask you to gao shang yi ge wai guo ren ^^
shihui:oh, haha..hi !!haha, ltr someone jealous =D jkjk..ouh, too bad luh! who cares, its quite nice can le xD

yuhui at 11:02 PM

Sunday, October 5, 2008

haha, many ppl are happy that exams are over, haha..but for me, more boredom coming up!!hm, decided to go work >.< see if got lobang or not,haha..working can both kill time and earn money lors..hm, shld be going work with calvin and aloy they all..see if have any suitable jobs to do,haha..my mum complaining that i spend a lot and wasting their money..idk why im still up on blogging although its about 1.30 am ..haha..can't seem to get to sleep luh .haiiz.. either keep coughing or sneezing de lor!i tink i got the flu, haiiz...i wan go to sleep!!!sleeping is also hard,haha .just realised..went out practically everyday lor..haha, and mostly badminton-related de..im lazy to even reply the tags in this post,haha..do it in th e next post bah!goodnights all~ when im up to blog the nxt time,surely will reply the tags, and might be able to put on the pics on the blog le, =D tired, but hard >.<

yuhui at 1:22 AM

Thursday, October 2, 2008

haha, tmr art sa2!!chiong chiong chiong alr!!gonna be the last paper of sa2 le,haha...but then seems like everyone alr started enjoying themselves few days ago le,haha..this time the exam's hard okay!!haha...im wondering if i can passmy maths overall, or even get 1/4 of the total marks for chem..sure fail the paper de lor...its just how much i will get.. D= i have super lots of tags to reply lor!!!!!haha =P yesturday went to vivo with kuncai dehao and calvin...super funny luh they all...we crapped so much lor!we watched eagle eye...somehow the cinema effect was super super loud!i somehow got addicted to an expensive sweet..cant control myself then keep buying...waste my money!!i bought some 'spade' shirt from vivo ytd..haha..quite nice...but also quite ex after discount...then almost going kelway house everyday,haha..played almost 6 hours of badminton on tuesday, with peng wee..haha and had a superr fun time disturbing dehao with HER lor..^^ tmr gonna have more badminton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-the replies-
calvin:lol, why u and trixie like nvr talk to each other already??then the erik and mikee how le?
melissa:haha, not really..the teacher giving the talk was horny lor,haha..
delcynia:haha..EOYs over le...i just updated k...!!
qingqing:LoL...i see so many tags from you sia..so gan chiong ^^ i dint bother to even memorise compo, haha...
maya:hah, of course i saw that luh, u spamming my blog rite in front of me, haha...too bad..
kaixin:haha, yea..the most horny one rite...LOL
samantha:LOL...relax...shout my name with capital letters!thx for tag :D
sherlyn:ouh,haha, Y O ! S H E R L Y N!
jodenia:haha, oh, EOY over le,=D
nabil:haha,nct time, i will hide it ^^ and, today dint give u birthdae bash sias...
dehao:haha too bad =p so unlike me hor..haha..
emeline:LMAO, i tag alr lah..go check lor...and i just came back into action hor...
nicole:haha, over le =D anyways, good luck ^^
chong huihui:yo chong huihui!u pang seh me today sia...i just updated okay, dun chui wo!

i've finally finished =D but, still no pics :(

yuhui at 10:00 PM

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

haha!its been a long time since i updated,haha....needed to mug hard manzz....!!nothing much happened these few days luh...its like,aft sch then just go to eat with friends then go home le...haha...nothing special bah?then nowadays sch getting more sian sian sian also..today had SEX EDUCATION...everyone super horny sias...LMAO..hm,got nothing much to sae sias...oh yah im proud to say,I CAN UPDATE PICS SOON!!!as soon as calvin return me my usb wire,haha!!!!!!!

==tag replies==
nabil:LOL....STUPID UNCLE!!!!wasted my moneeeee!!hahax.ya lor,haha agreed...the vid sort of rox can..although its like noisy..!!!HARD GAY!!!YAHHHOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~~~
samantha:yoyo!!haha,jy for EOYs too xD
jodenia:LOL...jodeniajodeniajodenia!!jy for EOYs too,haha!!!
calvin goh kun kiat:the vids are coollah...i tink the word TRIXIE came out superr often in the vids,haha!sure wan me link the blog?
delcynia:haha!i just updated agn!!!jy for EOYs too^^
maya:haha...DAMN Pai seh lah!!she dun look like shi hui at all!!ROAR,,,
limhui:haha,HELLO...jy for EOYs bah =D

im finally done with this post,haha....

yuhui at 7:23 PM

Saturday, September 13, 2008

haha...todae was a very fun dae luh..lol,crapped and laughed a lot lorr...in the morning got woked up but i wanted to sleep more,haha...calvin called me and i woked up luh...then went to meet calvin and nabil for lunch and study together at JEC library..then ate LJS for lunch and headed for th library..haha~saw jared there le,then we follo-ed us to go study in JEC...finally founded a place to sit in and we took out 2 autralia books for calvin^^ hoho..and today,we di-siaoed him a lot lorr..haha...then laughed a lot even though we were in the library..then sian le,and decided to go to west mall as JARED HAD TO MEET KELLIE..then went arcade together..haha,i played the basketball and i got my highest record which was 303!!!!!!!!!!then wanted to play LAN at csc with calvin nabil and jared,2V2 de...but then when we got there,realised the lan was closed for that day lorr..sian sian sian,but nvm,then headed to my house for basketball...but the stages for the moon cake festival celebation the previous day,was still there and had a pole blocking part of the ring...haha,but we still got shoot, and 'dunk',haha...took mani pics and vidoes luh,ask me and i'll show in,its in my phone..haha...we LAUGHED AND CRAPPED A LOT,even though we were in a play ground,haha...

-tag replies-
maya:idk,i tink one of them bah...haha,thx lots!
calvin:haha,welcome,trixie thanked me too,haaa...
vincent:haha~thx for the tag luh!!haha...
trixie:haha~hi,thx for tagging...u and calvin very cute in the blog..haha..
sherlyn:haha!thx for tag..good luck for EOYs too!!gotta mug hard le!!
delcynia:haha,yoyoyoyoyoyooo...just updated ,lols!

yuhui at 6:35 PM

Friday, September 12, 2008

haha,today in sch was quite fun luh...and decided wad to draw for art le,my chosen theme is 'super heroes in action'ha....maebe im just gonnna draw marcus face there,jkjk!!then mani things happened before and during badminton luh...just hope things patch up bah...wa i tink i got sprain in my arm lorr..pain whenever i lift up my elbow!!!sian la!!

yuhui at 10:02 PM

Thursday, September 11, 2008

haiiz.. sian, lately too busy to post and do stuffs,haha...nidda study,EOY coming le,jia you all~should be posting lesser,haha,studying...so guai!!jkjk..im still using my father's laptop to post,have gotta wait for my com to be fixed before can post pics!super sian these days luh,besides badminton,then like just go home after eating luh..lol.coach is joker luh..haha..so ambitious..lol..then badminton chalet is from 24-26 nov..ea person must pay 20 plus bucks themselves lor..sian sian sian~~lol..

--post replies--
maya:haha,hihi,thx for tagging~supposedly to be one* type wrongly luh..
calvin:haha,hihi..u also got silver,haha..im replying your tag like just 3mins after you leave my house luh..LOL..idk mah,i dint really watch the movie..was sleeping^^
nabil:we all dun wanna go up on stage lors..haha,suay sia,tmr still have to go up,no choice ><...
janet:haha,i should have posted his name horhs,haha..u made us getlost de lor..lol..i tink u still owe us ice-cream treat or something liddat rite?lol..
delcynia:haha,thx for tagging!yoyoyo!
STLRhaha...i tot popeye onli noe how eat spinach sias,haha jkjk..ur bro seemed taller ??
jodenia:hihi,JODENIA,haha..all 176 drivers are superr coollll....lol
mabel:haha,i managed to find it lehz..thx for tagging~

yuhui at 4:01 PM

Saturday, September 6, 2008

haiiz...super super long nvr post luh..haha,cuz my com had serious problems luh...then went to send for repair...many many events happened recently,hahax..mostly good,i tink except one...i shall start from the first day of the holidays bah..haha..and i cant upload the pics to the com,cuz i changed phone and still cant figure out how to use!!><

1st sep(monday)
went to play badminton at jurong east..went out home quite early bah,then reach back home super late luh..cuz went to support kuncai and shaolun's match..their doubles..and also hong hui's...kuncai and shaolun lost to boon lay luh...their strong okay..then hong hui's score was close luh..they played to the 3rd set but lost with a score of 21-17 :( jia you bah..then went to eat..senior said there was some coffeeshop with had nice 'cha sau fan' then we wanted to try..but my senior had to go home then cant go with us,so she just pointed the direction to us and made her way home..haha..ok then in the end left me,dehao kuncai shaolun qihao and qingqing...dehao tot there was a mac nearby and we decided to check it out..but the 'M' sign turned out to be the symbol of the police station..we were laffing like mad luh can..then finally made our way back to BB..and ate kfc...haha tired^^

2nd sep(tues)
my doubles match starts at 8.30 in the MORNING..have to reach yio chu kang by 8 can..zomg la!then we saw the 2 SJI's..one of them was actually qihao and qingqing's pri sch friend..he was like 189cm tall can..its like 2 tall ppl playing agnst 2 short de..we can win de,but in the lost in straight sets with score of 21-15..for both sets..SRY DEHAO,haha..we both made lots of mistakes luh..sian diao...then for lunch went to eat seoul garden..5 ppl,me qihao qingqing kuncai and dehao..super fun luh!!haha..we ate till everyone was like super full le..haha..and onli for 15 bucks..took pics luh,but cant upload :(

wed and thurday:
haha.start of the R1 thingy..at temasek poly...met in the morning to eat mac luh..for both days..but for the first day,there was a big bus waiting outside,,those kind that would fetch a group of pupils for excursion de..i tot th sch had budget but yet send such a big bus for a group of 7 ppl..haha..including the teacher..aloysius super suay le...he took bus 77 for both days,both break down..same timing somemore..haha..then reached temasek poly.it was super big can..had 5 canteens and even ATM machines luh..that was the day,jared started with kellie,STEPwenyu,and SUSHI!!HAHA..other schs had already started but we did not noe wad to do!!we dint even had the racer luh...LOL..then in the end must loan...then ltr no batt..then borrowed from our BBSS ex-senior..he programming pro luh..then we had lots of fun and laughter luh..even when programming..haha...but for second day,we loaned everything and chiong-ed our programming luh...luckily ANDY helped us :D thx^^ we spend a lot of money of food there luh..the food there not bad,haha..and almost every of the 5 canteens had western food haha..

5th sep(friday)
the day the competition starts!!haha..JARED LA>>STUPID 'shen shou'...draw lots to see who run robot first,which team...BOTH DRAWS ALSO KENA FIRST..ZZZ..haha,we were the first team to run of the day luh..and our programming not yet completed luh..OMG rite..we tot nvm luh,just go up the stage and embarress ourselves..we were up on the stage for 6 minutes luh..so long le!!haha..we kept running our bots..we dint noe can bring laptop up and programme,since we were the first sch!!if not might have gotten first.! luckily another sch with 2 teams cant complete,like ours..then had tiebreaker between us and another 2 teams,and we won both teams and emerged second..we were super happy luh,and went outside the watch movie on laptop..calvin brought 'storm the yard'..then played 'tai ti' and others..super fun...then prize presentation super cool.. haha...gtg for badminton training now,cyas!!

tag replies--
cyrstal:haha,super super funny la..u,siying and jianting..snatch for sofa..LOL..childish la you all,,JKJK^^
qingqing:yea ok...fine lor..haha...but lost in the end..sian
jodenia:lol,you joker lah,psst,thx for tagging!psst,bye bye'!!LOL,,just posted..
vincent:the robotics fun luh!!jared and his sushi..haha!!sian lor,no more buffet to eat !jk..haha
nabil:lol,how you wan rape it?haha,,jkjk...sian cheers over>< thx!!had one more silver for aloy,although he dint go on friday..lol..
jia sheng:haha,thx^^ and thx for tag too^^
jiantinghaha,ok thx for your official tag^^..haha
samantha:i super long nvr play that game liao okays...haha,
i dun get what u mean in your post ley...lol
emeline:haha,see how first bah,lol...im such a good cousin,i stopped you from getting fat,lol...jk

yuhui at 6:23 PM

Friday, August 29, 2008

hah,,today was a tiring day man!!ytd's egg drop thingy was fun luh..then joseph also brought his own rubber egg,LOL lo..had much fun in the fitness corner these few days..haha..today the sports carnival was like fun uh..i played floorball and we thrashed 1e4 with a score of 4-0..then played agnst 2e4,the score was 1-1..could have won de lo..but then got some ppl play foul and whack vincent hand..and...................(dont feel like saying)...then after the sports carnival went to Ms tan house..mani 6f de ppl went back lo..haha..there was so mani from BBSS luh^^..these were the ppl who went back:crystal,siying,jianting,haowen,kuncai,yatyen,elizebeth,amanda,bingkuen,yuqi,justina,lijuan,and me!!haha...and there were many seniors who went there too..they all so funny lor..hah,then went to training..super tired today luh..i just feel like sleeping now!haha..yay!the match against SJI,me and dehao playing against sec 1 de!!jia you bah!!

(tag replies)
nicole:hah,*clear throat* i just did,,LOL..haha
qingqing:hah,,so sarcastic luh..LOL..and u take so much of my sweets on wed luh..in the class..hah
samantha:HAHA,of course nice luh..i send it to you de lei..my games all nice luh..LOL..my score higher then u lor...
emeline:LOL..yea lor,you're like super lame can!saying the same things 2 times..wan i treat u to *ribena* or not?LOL..
jiahui:haah,thx for tag!i cant play the songs lor sian..lol
vincent:yo!!haha,updating^^ ur hand still okay?from the floorball...

yuhui at 7:22 PM

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

haha...my computer finally working..tried switching on a lot of times le,but it just auto restart...stupid lor!!finally can blog agn..have more badminton trainings now le!!wth lor,,!!me and dehao first match agnst SJI..lol..wonder if we will win mah..haiiz.stupid luh,,my results all SUCK..sian diao..then today TA's went lan with jared..lol...they can be quite vulgur too^^ and,good luck to those ppl in 2e3 that is participating on fridays event!!jia you all~

--tag replies--
qingqing:lol..i cant seem to post the pics..my phone cant connect to the com lei..lol..hah,if i really get 24,the sky will FALL.
maya:haah,still vulgur mah..sian la i cant seem to listen to the songs on my blog..LOL
joyce:yo!haha!tag more often la!
dehao:LOL...thx fou YOUR tag..haha..i not slacker..is i study too much till no time post lor..LOL..LETS WIN CHEERS^^ ;D
nabil:HAH!its superr nice,but someone BIG did not do anything luh..i noe,,its not joseph..its someone else lol..
samantha:heh,just UPDATED la..lol..you too obsessed with 'WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONARE' liao la..
janet:LOL..the blog super stupid la.the yu gi oh one..nxt time i charge u for the noodles!!haah!jk..
jodenia:i just updated luh..LOL..fish all sloww one lor...haha
sherlyn:LOL trying to!but i study too much then no time update liaozzz.jkjk!hah
emeline:i was studying and had no time for it la..lol..so unlike you..jkjk..

yuhui at 9:10 PM

Thursday, August 21, 2008

hah..i cant post everyday liao!!got badminton like almost everyday lor..haha..nidda do the geo project by tmr lei!~!OMG...haha,,chiong chiong chiong liao lo...nothing to do lei,also nothing much to post bout..oh yah!advice for you all:be careful when eating with dehua!haha,,jkjk....here's my group's geog blog!!

^^^tag replies^^^
nabil:lol...jk nia lor..last day to chiong blog!ya la,jeseph yeo!!!!!!!!
sherlyn:hah,thx for tag!ai ya,,nvr take any pics lei,cant post...lol...finally can lo..
jian ting:LOL!just give an official tag nxt time lo...

yuhui at 6:51 PM

Monday, August 18, 2008

hoho!today start of day was like sian sian..until after recess!2 free periods in a row!wakakakaka...i tink the TA scared of our class liao^^ post the pics on another day^^ currently doing the geog blog,haha...then on my way back from badminton saw ivan..he was released like earlier lor..haha,i tink i gtg le,,doing project~!!cya ppl!!!

@@@@tag replies@@@@
sherlyn:hah,,finally can post luh,i nvr click the screen then nvr load lah!lol,thx for tag!
nabil:lol..dun quit la,,dun be the second marcus^^ jkjk!!
jodenia:got update lor!just did!haha,,thx for tag!

yuhui at 8:54 PM

Saturday, August 16, 2008

group 3's photo!!
group 3's photo(2)
group 3's photo(3)
super super tall person^^
its the choreographer!!
the choreographer agn!!hoho
can catch wad joseph is doing?^^
its 2e3's benjamin!!

hoho!finally back in blogging...couldnt post due to common test!!haha..yea!badminton trainings back to usual..but im still playing a bit off!!nvm,,i just realise..a player cant lose a cool during a match,,it would just mean giving points for the opponent...wakakakaka,,nowadays getting mroe boring,staring in front of com..lol..tonight no badminton!!aiya...haha.i shall try posting the pics agn!!nvr give up^^ oh yah,and grats to team singapore in winning medal for table tennis woman group event!!haha!!

----tag replies----
shihui:hoho,of course la!im dancing in it mah..lol jk
qingqing:yea,lee chong wei too strong,lol..i tink finals is lin dan and lee chong wei liao..
jodenia:haha,,common test over le!!yay..!thx for taggin!
ruien:haha hi,,thx for taggin!
dehao:hoho!ask u tag then u really tag,zhen guai!thx for tag!!eh,,lets jia you for cheers!!;D must win!!haha,thx for compliment!!
jianting:haha hi!jian ting's official first tag on my blog!!
nabil:lol...nothing to do mah..thats why,lol...
junyi:of course cool la..haha!your skin very plain lei!
samantha:hah,,none for you..lol jkjk..ok i just updated!
mabel:LOL thx for tag!!and which scroll bar thingy??o.O

yuhui at 11:55 AM

Sunday, August 10, 2008

hohoho,,second post of the day,,mainly just to put in the pics luh..just came back from playing basketballl...my 2nd finger is like,, numb!!!!!AHH!!!lol...

yuhui at 10:20 PM

haha!super busy these few days luh..sian lor....haha,,sat's ndp was super super nice can..damn cool luh,so man fireworks also lor..haha!took mani mani pics..might even miss rizuan le >.o!!luckily got his msn..muahahaha,,shall go out together sometime..lol..ytd everyone was so high lo..even saw our 2e3's long lost benjamin!!hoho...lol,,i felt to stupid hand-carrying the umbrella back home luh!!but nvm!!and the olympics was super cool can,,i tink tmr lee chong wei is gonna play against ronald susilo!!jia you jia you!!haha,,wish singapore team best of luck!!=D gonna post the pics now^^ i cant seem to post the pics!!i'll try agn another day =D

^^^^tag replies^^^^
samantha:Yo.!haha,,cool mahh,,jia you too!!
jodenia:kidding lah,,relax man!xiao qi.............thx for tag!
emeline:lol,,i on com everyday but got nothing to do mah,,tts why..lol
qingqing:nothing to do thats why!LOL
crystal:hahhhhhhh..okok relinked!haowen almost everyday got training de,,stupid guy!LOL
nicole:haha,,dint want it to die^^

yuhui at 4:46 PM

Thursday, August 7, 2008

hahaha!!another post!sian lahh,,today first lesson was chinese!hoho,,the teacher today damn sian loh todae,,make us do compo..lazee write luh,,let her go and chase me for it^^(such a slacker) =X then chem practical was fun,,but no time go fitness corner luh,,stupid aloysius lah!!haha......lessons was boring all right,,all the way till after physics remedial...i actually got 2 pathetic marks out of 25 for physics TT...and 10 marks out of 30 for maths....i tink i nid to study harder liao...lol..then went to watch the jack neo's latest show,,qian bu gou yong 2,,with kuncai jianting and dehao..very funny luh can,,and some part is emo emo de..haha,,2 more days to the BIG DAY..lol..NDP!~trained so hard for it luh,,jia you all^^

$$$tag replies$$$
nabil:lol...yea,,one side up!yea lor,,too bad he dun wan pose for me..
jodenia:haha,,thx for tagging!!and,,if you this slow person found the camera there,,miracle lo...haha!!jkjk!!!
maya:WAH!long tag..omg..lol..aiya,,means im more pop-u-lar then u..haha
joyce:lol,,thx for tagging!!haha,,

yuhui at 6:48 PM

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

me me me me agn!!
dehua is short!!haha!!
a pic of my pri sch!!
its aaron!!!
nabil on money bar!!
me me me!!

haha!!today crapped super super loads can!!yea!before recess was geog and pe,,geog teacher nvr come then give us worksheet do,,but still crapped lot,,then pe the florrball super super super fun fun fun luh!!although got mani injuries,,but still fun luh,,i tink played like 9v9 or something like that,,including mr lee..haha,,then recess too thirst till i drank 2 cups of drinks and nvr eat,,then go to the fitness corner le,found out where the camera was!!lol!!had much fun in the fitness corner lor..lol...then had maths test,,die lor...sian sian sian,,but the chinese teacher cute lei,,she came into class half and hour late and she said 'dui bu qi ah tong xue men!!wo wang ji,,wo kan quo de shi jian biao.'something like that!!LOL..then got the ndp,,kena scoldings lor..a lot..haiiz...then went to play basketball with hon kei they all..crapped a lot there lor,,with yuyang and ridzuan..haha..then went home!!TIRED

++++post replies++++
nabil:lol,,,i will try...but i seriously off for very long le!!sian
dehao:yoyo,,thx for tagg!!your first time in your life tagging here!!haha,,thx for encouragement^^ golden pair??!!

yuhui at 9:49 PM

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

sian lahh,,super tired lor...just now in class,during geog lesson,,felt like vomitting sia...zzz!then had the 'magic' show during assembly..i think its quite easy to spot the 'magic' lo..haha,,then during training i super fucked up with myself...i had really wanted to go home at that time...TT,,i played like as if it was the worst ever.............................................im starting to doubt myself.............................................................................

:::::::tag replies:::::::::
nabil-lol,,luckily i have nvr like strawberries..!
maya-sian loh!!u 2!!!haha,,no one tagged mah,,then might as well dun update,,lols.
jodenia-of course!!haha,,nothing to do mah,,just no pics to post lei.!
Kyo--uhm,,who you??o.O

yuhui at 7:09 PM

Sunday, August 3, 2008

haha!im posting agn..lol..my stupid father took away the com,he say i use too much..lol,,then onli left laptop sia...sian sian sian..im addicted to vanilla milkshake ;D i shall try posting the pics agn^^ eeeyeer,,still cant!!>.o

===tag replies===
janet:haha,,thx for tagging!!sa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
maya:haha,,thx for compliment..i like the skin too..!!
nabil:idk??nice song,,and got nothing to do staring in front of the com everyday mah,then might as wellpost,,haha..
mabel:LOL,,hihi..thx for tagg!!yea,im gonna update lots!!

yuhui at 4:27 PM

Saturday, August 2, 2008

haha!just came back from the NDP preview'08..tired luh,there so hot and boring,until it was our turn to perform..then today security so tight luh!!nid to scan a lot of stuffs sia,,we go downstairs to take old chang kee also must walk through the system when coming up..haiiz..the day like started off with fun and laughter in west mall koufu,but then eventually got emo lor..sian sian sian..haha,tired luh,,i'm going to sleep le!!bye all!!and thx for morning call today*!!lol...my phone cant seemed to connect t com,so pics will be posted tmr or on monday!!

yuhui at 11:30 PM

Friday, August 1, 2008

haha,long long and tiring day today luh..many things happened can!!lol..today had hair checked,mdm shi xu dint even care bout socks or anything luh,she just check hair and finger nails nia..haha!!then recess was fun lor,everyone was like playing in the fitness corner..climbing here and there..then after sch laughed a lot lor..crapped a lot too xD..today like so mani ppl pushed calvin to maya and in the end nothing came out of it lor..although cornered them liaoz...haiiz..nvm jia you jia you..then something BIG also happened today..new couple??haha..grats to them^^ ..today had the inter-CCA cheer loh,i going no voice liao..then after the cheer still went to hong kah training..tired tired tired and ltr i still nid go my grandma house, all the way at clementi,omg...i wanna sleep^^

~~~post replies~~~
nabil:lol,in a month of 30 days,onli a few times?lol..yea,wall was fun..
ivan:huh?which one luh??i dun tink i have lor..haha..sorry >.o
maya:haha,cool mah,not cool meh??^^ and i noe,,my racket's nice..
shihui:cool mah..u 2 very pei lei^^ jia you jia you..

yuhui at 7:14 PM

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Holiday BBQ!!(e3)
The HE cookies me and janice made today^^
Suhaimi under umbrella!!
A heart between them..
sara's netball..
me in da ndp costume..
Qihao and shihui wor!!
It's marcus!!^^
friends on wall..super cool =X

haha,sian and long day lor..starting was like just HE..the cookies me and janice(HE partner) made quite nice luh..but very heaty lor..but still quite okay bah..got 9 marks^^ then had the inter CCA cheer thingy,quite wasted my time lor..like dragged from 3.30 to 5...then i damn pissed with myself today luh..i super off-form..might be even the worst badminton i ever played in my life..i really felt like going home just now...just tahan lor..air rifle merging with badminton^^(jia you)...I'm tired now luhs...sian lor..finally the pics can post^^..the picture's not according to dates or anything..

yuhui at 8:08 PM

jia yu(BBSS)
jia yu(RVSS)
kai xin
Lim hui
2e3'08 RoaR~